TRV Tanked.. few hope is left..

As you know, I am inside 5 stocks now and during the last trading section wanted to enter NTES cuz I think the pullback is finished, but for some reasons I didn’t do it, so let’s see today.

Meantime TRV based on some missing data, tanked by 4% !!!!!

We are near the 200 MA, and at about $101.50 there is a kind of easy support, that worked well in the past, but below it….. there is NOTHING !!!
Of course, the only problem is the TIME, because the company is strong and healthy ad even reports of yesterday are good (even if some of them didn’t meet the outlook). Also there is a Yeld to be released on the next 3 months, so I repeat, the only problem is the time.

Meantime, the SPX is still trying to find a way (let’s hope is a upward way). (I moved some trendlines based on last days..

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