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1) News of our blog and how to follow us
2) Our performances

1) What’s new this week

Our Short-Term Stock Picking section “The 4% Rule” has now a new service. We opened a Telegram Channel to give you another tool to be always updated on what we do. You just have to follow this link :

Now Long-Term Investors can follow us :

Now Short-Term Investors can follow us :


2) Performance

Long Term Portfolio


Q2 2017: +2.34%
Q1 2017: +2.45%
Q4 2016: +4.53%

The 4% Rule


Week n.31/2017, ended-up with a total performance of 79.83%

Week n.30/2017, ended-up with a total performance of 70.23%

Week n.29/2017, ended-up with a total performance of 63.68%


3) What’s new this week

This is a list of our best articles as they are published on our facebook group  Value Investing & Stock Trading.


19. History of Investing Through Warren Buffett’s Partnership Letters – 1972

Spearmint Acquires Vanadium Prospect in Quebec, Canada

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