TGT announcements and current trends.

Target Corp. (TGT) had (yesterday) and is going to have (tomorrow) some important news.

Yesterday, the 17th November 2014 There was the Dividend announcement of 0,52$ and tomorrow, the 19th of November 2014 there will be Earnings announcment.

There is no doubt on the current trend

and the candles of yesterday and today give us a good bullish pattern.

Let’s hope news of tomorrow will be good and that the current price did not already told us everything.
Anyway whatever will happen this company has a good history of growing dividends that have always been payed so far :

The 5-years growth rate is of 24,6% so it may be also profitable to take this stock on long-term basis.
Since tomorrow there will be the EPS announcement, let’s have a look :
It doesn’t always grow up but it never drops for 2 following years.
Let’s hope this trend will go on. Every other ratio is still good so no problems if tomorrow we will have bad surprises. Only problem may be that I will have to wait some time. But let’s postpone these thoughts to tomorrow.

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