Summary of 4th November

Today I did not do anything and below I put graphs of very dangerous positions I am having.

The Index has to do a good break out to confirm the up-trend, and we are all waiting for it, since on the last 2 days we are just waiting and testing..

Most important is not to waste money and be carefull with doubtfull positions.

I touched the resistance of HSY but I am not much sure of what I am doing, Maybe I had to sell, maybe not… who knows… troubled thoughts of a trader…

About DE I still have the same doubts.. It drops when market goes up, it drops when the market goes down… it drops when the market is flat.
More then this (in contrast of HSY) here there is no valid trading system. As I previously wrote  I did wrong to enter and I am doing wrong holding it in my portfolio.

Let’s see tomorrow.



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