Summary of 06th November 2014

Today has been a good day, after some days of almost flat market, today there has been some movement and everything went almost fine with my open positions.

Let’s see stock by stock what happened.

DE : (+3,30%) You can check from my previous posts, I was not happy on how I bought this stock. My reversal pattern was not ready, and I bought it. Then some days of few ups and downs just to keep me worry, and finally today the big jump.

I am not much sure about the break-out, but at least now is closer to the resistance then to the support line. I expect a pause at this price for some days. I don’t have a target price for this, so I daily have to keep an eye on this.
HSY : (+1,33%) The break-out looks like has been tested and confirmed. We are still not so far from it so we cannot say it 100%. Anyway here I am on Wave B and if confirmed, my target price is about 106,00
CUB: (-0,15%) Here comes the bad news…
We are still testing this old resistance. It may takes time. What matters is that it doesn’t drop 😉
No target price here.
NTES: (-0,59%) as CUB…. same situation… same behaviour… same expectations… some no-target-price
More then this, I bought ADSK

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