Stocks to watch for the week starting 3rd of November 2014

This is my watching list for the next week, starting the 3rd of November.
I write down just most important and ready-to-move stocks (if confirmed).
I have many other prices near to start a big movement, but the following are the nearest.
I also have 2 stocks that may be interesting (check the end of the article).

ADSK : Up of 59$ a try can be done. Stochastic is a little higher then the previous high so price should have some other good days again.


HP : Up of 93$ a good movement may start. Let’s hope to be ready at that time. Is on my watching list since much time.


HSY : My break-out line was 95,50$, Now the price is about 96$. I did not see this movement last Friday or I would buy. This is another big movement if confirmed.


DISCA : Break-Out at 37,50
Some dangerous positions to open may be :
INFY : if you check the graph, the stochastic is still low compared to price and last week the break-out was confirmed, so the main movement is already started, but I think is not finished at all.
MSFT : at about 47,50$ something may happens

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