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…. what to know before you start

For #Intraday trades, I move Options. I don’t give alerts BUT I alert when my setups are coming on the chart. You will get EVERY info to understand when and how to use the setup.
I don’t take every trade I post, but I usually give a recap at the end of the day explaining how my setup had to be traded (as daytrading)


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Last update on May, 29, 2022


What you will get

as daytrading
I work with few tickers. I do this because I want to know what I am trading and how the price can move.
I will share my levels, and my setups on those tickers. Levels are just a critical area where I believe an entry is possible.
At the end of the day I will share recaps.
This recap is helpfull to learn how to move on the charts of the following day, how to find that setup, how to use stops, profits with those setups.
I give full support on this setup. On both the support channel or even 1 to 1

as Swing Trading
I will post interesting entry areas, at least 5 new levels a week.
During the weekend I usually highlight the most critical setups: if the price moves near a stop or a profit area.
I give full support on these Swings, according to my ideas and my levels. On both the support channel or even 1 to 1


What’s your trading style ?

I trade based on breakouts, price action, EMAs. Sometimes I add wave count on my Swings.


Which are the channels

You will have access to my Discord private channel starting from here –>
You will have access to my Telegram private channel starting from here –>
You will have access to my Twitter private channel here –>


How many levels will you share ?

as daytrading (I use the 5 minutes chart)
My setups usually comes out every day on selected tickers.


as Swing Trading (I use the 1 hour chart)
I will post not less than 5 Swing trading ideas every week. Most of the times are more.
I share my stops, my targets and the entry area.
I keep levels updated when an important update is needed and I am always available to give my own opinion on a chart.



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