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:: Telegram Setups and Patterns

After you join this service, you will be able to read what we do in real-time, when the market is still open.

You will have access to our Private Telegram Chat and channels where you can :

  • Read our ideas, with entires, stops and take profts we use. As well as any new position we start.
  • Read a summary of past trades.
  • Read Updated charts for every trade we take and we follow, with new stops and new take profits when the price moves from the entry level.
  • Talk with other members
  • Read our “TrendingStocks”: quick setups and how we will trade them in the future if some conditions will apply.
  • Read our “News-Driven Stocks”. Tickers we trade just based on possible future business developments
  • Receive our own opinion on a NYSE/NASDAQ ticker you will ask for, with reasonable entry levels, stops, profits and any other useful information.


For this service we have several Telegram Chat and Channels, so you need to install the app or you can join directly from Telegram’s website.



Q: How many setups do you publish every week ?

A: On my Social channels (mostly Tradingview and Twitter) I publish every setup I work on. Then on my Channels I publish those setups with my entry, exit and take profit level based on price action and market conditions. Things are very variable, I’d say not less than 10 every week.

Q: Are you profitable ?

A: Please read my blog at Every week or two I publish a report of closed positions with the performance.

Q: Do you offer a free trial ?

A: No I don’t.

Q: Are you scalping, day trading or what ?

A: I don’t SCALP, nor DAY TRADE. I don’t live in front of a screen and I cannot stay 8 hours to check tickers every second, so when I start a trade, I work on the hourly time frame, which means will take some days to develop. I mostly do Swing, but I follow which ever ticker goes UP with strong Moving Averages or has a nice wave count.

I can give my opinion on smaller time frames, but I guarantee an answer just within 24 hours.

Q: Can I blindly follow your picks ?

A: ABSOLUTELY NO. Not just from me but from anybody on the net. You MUST have your own idea and your own strategy. You can use my setups to make your own idea.
You are going to use your money, so you must take your decisions by yourself and do your own study of the position you want to take. I just read the chart. In no way you must take a position based on what I do or what I say. I DON’T GIVE FINANCIAL ADVICES. I can just read what a chart is saying. Is up to you to take a decision on what to do.


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  2. A monthly plan of $25, not refundable
  3. A yearly plan of $150, not refundable

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