SP500 current position

On these days I had some alters to buy, but on purpose did not move as already planned the last week.

I still have 3 positions opened but I would like to have 0 of them now. Really the situation is unpredictable and which ever position will be opened, it may be wrong

Tomorrow should be a great day to know more. If the down trend will be confirmed, we will face some very bad days, like the 5 ones we had on the 30th of December and like the other 5 ones we had the 9th of January.

All that short-term downtrends crushed against the support line at 1990 points. If this time will not do the same, the prices may go to meet the main uptrend at 1900 points.

Upside see you at 2080,00 points.

All these to say that whichever position you take, it may be wrong until the market take a direction. For sure I will miss something. For sure I will also miss some losses.

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