Some good stocks and some bad stocks..

Today I had a confirmation on a up-trend, a very risky position and some stocks on pause. We are all waiting for this market to break this too-much-long-lasting stop and make a good move somewhere. (hopefully up !! )

Let’s take a fast note of what happened :

DE :  (+0,89$) After many worries looks like the main trend is confirmed. Now there is the problem of finding a good exit price… I will do it.

CUB : (-0,87$) Maybe I did wrong, but I moved the break out line to 47,04 $ because i see that on the near past the price took a break for about 7 days. And today is almost confirmed that price. Since we are much close to the support, let’s keep eyes open.

About NTES : (-1,00$) , HSY: (-0,39$) and ADSK :  (+0,22$) there is not much to say. HSY is almost flat, NTES on the last days did a good correction from its top, but the break-out is still valid. I had a dream that ADSK would confirm the break-out of yesterday, but it didn’t come true.

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