Sold BWLD and SAM… near to sell HSY

After long writing, long thinking about SAM, finally I had to sell. It seems like when a stock is weak…. is just weak !!!!!!! No need to wait for thousands of confirmations, let’s sell and STOP, I will back again later at better price and with more power into the stock.

Also sold BWLD. It was closer to the selling alert and I decided to close it, with few gain. There is no need to take any risk. Let’s wait and try later with less weakness.
Also on the last 2 minutes of the market, it recovered much loss and cancelled my selling alert, maybe I did wrong. Will know on next days

Also HSY was much closer to the selling alert but did not sell.

Looks like Indexes doesn’t want to move higher again on these days, so… let’s wait. Nobody is pushing me to loose money, so…. don’t loose it !

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