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Trade stocks can be time-wasting. Most of the times you spend hours checking for the right set-up, chart and to read socials to find what works better for you.  Our Services, published on our Telegram chat, Telegram Channel or our Breakout Detector, will give you easy stock picks for free that will drive you to take the right decision based on your investment strategy. Daily tips are completely free, you just have to join.

Getting stock picks on TheExtraIncome (TEI)

We are easy investors, not licensed with passion for trading and we publish online what we do and our performances. We also publish on our socials some stock picks that we use for our trades. Everyone is welcome to read us, comment and even criticize.

On our chat even other traders publish their stock picks and you are free to do the same.

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With our services and social medias you can always stay in touch with other traders, stock pickers, value investors and read their ideas, articles and best tips to try to make money on the stock market. We cover every investing style.

We share articles about Value Investing and Stock Picking on our Telegram chat, Telegram Channel, Facebook, Facebook Group (Value Investing and Stock Trading), Facebook Stock Picks Page, Twitter.

You can follow all our trades and traders ideas, as long as top traders buys and sales.

Invest your own way

The easy copy of other traders’ trades is not the solution. You can take ideas from other traders, like us and base your final decision on your own idea of that trade, set-up or chart. For many reasons the easy stock picks doesn’t work, you can read our disclaimers or simply ask us and we will give you several good reasons why you should be aware of whoever suggest to follow eyes-closed their trades.

Free Stock Picks

We promote a premium channel but we give daily at least 1 stock pick. Other traders do the same so if you don’t want to invest few dollars on our service, just follow us.