Ok we are out

We were all waiting for it.
Articles online were doubling with a bear on the background.
But it was not yet the time, upward trend was still valid, and was lasting since 7 years.

But last week it happend

But what happened ?

We exit from the upward trend started on October 2011; we exit but now this exit has to be confirmed. We cannot yet say we started the new big bearish wave, but for sure something is changed.

Even from September to the first days of October 2014 the price exit from the main upward-trend and just went to build a new one, just widening the channel, but now if the same thing will happen, a drop of about 20% will come and we can consider it enough for a correction, but not enough for a bear market.

My opinion is that prices need  to have at least a 15%/20% of correction but I am unable to predict the future now.

My strategy will be to reduce my portfolio and hold just dividend-yield stocks, as soon as the other stocks will break my stop loss limits. (so far none of them has done it).

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