November 26, 2014

Today TGT and DE had some announces and both closed with a drop.

Deere surfed all day at an average loss of 1%, while TGT of about 0,20%

TGT did not reached my exit-target. DE started with heavy drop but I did not care. One of my rules is to wait the quotation of the last 10 minutes to take a decision.
Then it started to raise on daily basis until it reached a loss of about 0,80% and there it was on hold. My target price was so close.

Meantime CTRP got a downgrate and lost a good 10% and came back on last 2 weeks price. CTRP will be my LAST big error on doing trades, you can read about it searching with label CTRP on my blog. Did not apply any exit strategy and now It helps me to remind that if I do not follow some rules, a big loss is what I deserve.

Summary of the day :

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