New Buy (or re-buy if you prefer..)

Yesterday I wanted to pick some shares of two companies..


One of them was Open Text Corporation (OTEX) (read here my point of view) but when was time to buy, the stock was suspended. The stock had a split 2:1; will check on these days what to do.


The other one was NetEase Inc. (NTES) (read here my point of view) and I did it, you can check my portfolio .

I already had shares of this company but I exited after the last sell-off even so I believe the stock has a great upside potential.

I usually don’t like to take any risk on sell-offs, even so the company is great. I still believe there are some things we (easy investors) cannot handle and we better exit and see what happens. Of course if I could come back, I would not sell at that time.

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