my stocks as of 21 October 2014

Today the SP500 had a big rise and all stocks are growing but…

USNA : As you saw based on my previous posts I sold it cuz it reached my target price and from that day it raised… and is still raising..  and many thougts are into my mind.. I did right, I did wrong.. I know the correct answer is that I did right… but is not easy to accept.

DE : Again from my previous posts you can see I did not like what I did, but today is a very good day so let’s wait again. I put a Stop Loss yesterday, So if any drop, I will sell it.

PNRA :  Is my main stock, and to be honest I don’t like what is happening today.. big drop and the market do a big rise. Also there is a big red candlestick today and I don’t like at all. Tomorrow I will put a stop loss even here.

CTRP : I did a forecast, I am sure is still valid regardless of what happens today.

Beside this, since I am out for job, I don’t have my laptop and looks like Java 8 and Windows XP don’t work together, so I am unable to load my software to check prices, trends and so on… I am completely lost and i can just check prices.

For sure I will sell PNRA with the next increase (if it will ever happen).

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