My Doubts, CTSH and SOHU

Today my doubts were focused on CTSH and SOHU.

I did not buy anything just because I just want to wait for the market to go somewhere and today it didn’t do it..

SOHU today did a +4%. And I am almost sure that another +20% will come soon. But to be almost sure doesn’t mean I am 100% sure.

The big jump of today would not give me any exit point (if things will turn red tomorrow), so I decided to stay away. (And is not easy, cuz I am waiting for this upward trend of SOHU since at least 3 months.

By contrast CTSH had an easy SL, at less then 0,50%. So I put the order but it was too late and the system did not take it.
My other doubt  was that maybe I have to wait for another jump, maybe over 56,20 $…

Let’s see what will happen tomorrow.

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