My Beliefs

I am here to try to make money. Money to help me to have a better life and to save something for retirement.

W.Buffet said “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.
This meant he was not investing just because he liked to do it. He was doing investments because he wanted to make money. Of course he could not know how long it would take, how many efforts it would take, but he was sure that his way of doing investments would bring him money. And he was doing investments to earn money.
I have read about many investors saying “that performance cannot be done again”. “at that time it was easier thanks to the market, to the growing economy” …. to the positions of the stars in the sky….. and again “I invest just for the pleasure to see that I am doing right, no matter if I will not be that reach…”. ” ….. what I will earn will be enough …” .I don’t agree.

I am here to try to make money. I take risks putting money on the market and I do it to have a return, with the goal to change my life. Not with the goal to have the same life of before and just to know ok, it works but I don’t get a return.

Of course it doesn’t mean I will do it, but I am here to put everything online and to share what I want to do.

I decided to start from Value Investing.

Trying to understand value of stocks, to be able to do a good selection of good and undervalued stocks. Then trade them, to try to avoid to hold them for 5/6 years waiting for them to grow up.

Sometimes I read “.. hey, I did 100% with this stock in 1 year..” . So my question is : “Wow, very good !!! When did you buy it ?” and the answer is “6 years back”.
I don’t think this way anyone of us will be able to make enough money to see good changes in his life..

the Story so far…

Let’s talk about what I think about stocks.

I started doing trading, with somehow good results, then the 11/09 happened and I got stuck in some of them and I gave up for a while.

Then I came back, with “The Little Book that still beats the market” and I started to read about Value Investing and to focus on some gurus, like Buffet, Lynch, Greenblatt and others related to them.

As you can check on Rules I like to pick up good valued companies, with strong fundamentals, growing ratios, no debts and so on; after the pick up I start to trade them, checking for break-outs, trading ranges and other standard trading systems.

I also have some thoughts about the behaviour of a stock, like a Breathe (you can check the data sheet near every operation I put a “B”).

Let me tell you a stupid thing. Price of stocks goes up and goes down. STOP.
I am just trying to understand when the price goes up/down the first time, how much it will go down/up on the second step…

Anyway check the tag Breathe on this blog and step by step I will try to make it works

3 thoughts on “My Beliefs

  • September 23, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    Hi Tiziano,

    I’m an Italian value investor and I share with you a lot of beliefs.

    I started studying value investing in 2009, I started with buy and hold, but little by little I discovered to make money , Soros reflexivity works well,; market goes up and down, and staying long it is not always the best.

    You’re websites is cool, I discovered you on Gurufocus.



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