Markets on these days

I did not stop to write but I think I better write something instead of not writing at all.

You may think I am busy… I  cannot check the market… I lost my passion…. the answer is no.

I am watching. I am watching SP500, I am watching Nasdaq and I am watching Dow: and I don’t see anything.

Nothing changed since my last update after last Friday. Even if we lost 2 days, the situation is still the same.

I bought TNH for the long term and I removed it from my watching list, cuz I want to hold it and to cash dividends. Just this. Also, reading here and there I found out ARLP, and I started to study it to see if is good to hold it for the long term.

My watching list is giving me many buying (long) alerts, but I have to wait. I know I don’t have to move until a real direction is taken from the market.

So I just do stock picks and I go on waiting, avoiding to take any decision.

Now I am 100% cash for the short term.

Thanks for stopping by !

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