Market updates and active trades

After the today raise, I have to check again every market chart.

Let’s see what I see :
On purpose I did not remove the red line, will wait tomorrow. The dotted line worked well today, tomorrow will know more.
I removed the black downtrend line. The break-out was too much important

My 2 short positions :
Everything is still valid, I just hope tomorrow to see the price at 28$. I should apply a stop loss at 30.40$

On the last 2 days, the volume is very low. The more we go up the less the volume is, this SHOULD show that bulls have no power.
Anyway the stochastic has a up-divergence.
My target price is still about 30$

To my open positions I have to say that today the markets did a good +1% while my stocks were much weak. This is hopefull for the near future. I will not open any new position until the market will tell me more.

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