Market and trades updates.

And another week is closed.

On this post will update the market situation updated at last night.
Now I just want to write the feelings of some traders. Someone is saying that teh small pull back of yesterday means that the support line is working well so we are ready to jump next week.
Someone says this pullback show weakness of the market and we are ready to crush.

I say Let’s see. 😉

The black resistance worked well. To come back to the short term downward trend (red line) we need a big drop next week, and I don’t think we will back there. Anyway I don’t cancel it.

We are near the big resistance.
same as COMP

My open positions

There is a VERY BIG divergence, also I got debited of div.yeld of last friday.
Will close this position soon if no good changes will come. But I am still sure will reach at least the 30 $
Even here there is a big up-divergence on stochastic

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