Market and position updates at 12 Feb 2015

Something is moving.

I did not close my short position on ALTR just because it reached today the “limit” I gave to her when I opened the position.
I am still SURE that it will go to 30$ but of course in this moment I am taking a big risk, maybe bigger then what I had to take.
Any up-move over the today close, I will sell (buy).
About markets…
We are moving to the upside of the channel, for sure we will reach it, this is why I am worry for ALTR.

Break out is done. New maxs are waiting

We are still in the middle of nothing

Conclusions :
SP500 has a target (the top of the channel), and COMP has space to go whereever it wants. 
DJ30 has some space to reach the previous Max. So I think we will still have some days of ups. (that will bring me to have a big loss with ALTR).
Anyway I will not open any new position (trading) until everything will be more clear.

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