I am still watching… CEO

I am not gone, I am still here. I have some positions open and yesterday wanted to close some of them, but really I was wrong.

Was wrong because I chose a support level (to apply the Stop Loss) that was too closer and too weak. So yesterday I decided to move my “trading” to this new step.

I have read somewhere that it is called “position trading” or something like this. And I think is the best way to follow for my easy trading.

I have to write few words about Cnocc Limited (CEO), that yesterday I decided not to buy and wait again. (of course now I am regretfull)

Let’s start from the main reason I am following this stock.

on GuruFocus I see a Dividend Yeld of 4.60%
on Barchart I see a Dividend Yeld of 4.48%

The point is that I WANT IT. But so far I couldn’t buy it cuz the stock was having a long-term downward trend and I was just waiting for it to stop.

I think that moment is NOW. If the stock will not have any problem near 158$/163$ , I will buy it.

The bad shape seen during the last years caused a drop not only on the price but even on ratios that are at the worst all-time levels, U can check here, but both P-Lynch and DCF are giving a fair value that is almost 70% higher then current prices.

The company is also growing on everything

No more to say. I will buy it if this up-trend will be confirmed as wrote above.

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