End of week Positions


The week closed much better then last one for my stocks.

They all gave me good answers and just let’s hope this trend will not stop.

(meantime let me change font 😀 )

Anyway there are some remarks to do :

1. PNRA. My target price is 171,00 / 172,00 $ and it reached this price 3 times on the last 3 days. Some days I could not sell, other days I did not take it on time on the daily graph. Maybe I did wrong but another rule is :

Rule : when the target price is reached, usually the price start to fluctuate around that price for a while.

So I should have time to close this position.


As wrote on my previous CTRP forecast I had a target price range and it reached it with 3 candles.
I am not sure that is enough. Usually it takes 4 or more candles to confirm it. We will know more if it go over the price of 59 $.

3. WINA is still on the way to reach my target price

4. DE is still into a trading range, is again too early to know if I did right or wrong.

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