Earnings announcement and trading stocks

Let’s have a short look at what happened today on two stocks I had in my portfolio since few days ago.


They have just one thing in common. Today they had their Earnings announcement

USNA performance of today is about +20% (more or less)

PNRA performance of today is about -5% (more or less, is not much important)

Since we are here to do trading I think there was no way to predict such a performance, So I just had to be more lucky and maybe to be unable to sell USNA some days back.
About PNRA maybe I sold too much early after the stock market opened, but I already spoke about this on my previous point.

The point of this post is that I am not here as a gambler to guess what will happen on Earnings announcement.
And also I am not here to do this kind of Value Investing, so for sure I am not happy of what happened, but by contrast, I also know I could not do anything more then this. I am sure what I did is right and I will go on this way.

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