Did I have to sell USNA or not

Following my beliefs and one of my trading ways, the 3rd of October I sold  USNA

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It reached my target price and without any doubt I clicked on the SELL button of my broker and I sold it.

One of the #errors I did in the past was to wait for the following day to see what was going to happen and most of the times I just dropped my gains.
Then I wrote down the following (easy) rule :

Rule : When target price is reached, is time to sell…

Looking case by case, this time I did wrong.

Let me show you what happened

I think USNA will see the price of 77 euro again in the nearest future, but it doesn’t matter now.

What matter is that I may have some regrets watching the stock growing up and do not be on it (while i had it for almost 2 months) and I wanted to take note of this.

I had my gain, the stock did what I predicted so what’s the problem ? I cannot buy at the bottom and I cannot sell at the top. What matter is that I had a gain and that’s all.

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