Deere and Company What do to now

I bought Deere & Company based on the Break-Out of the long downtrend that was lasting sine some weeks.

My Trading System suggested me to buy after a Break-Out at 88 euro, but I could not wait, since I lost many trades like this (check graph of ROST in September).

Looking at the graph now, the break-out is still valid, so there are not many reasons to be worry. Anyway I did not follow my main trading system and now I have to wait to see what happens.

After the break-out I honestly hoped there woud be a big jump that would last at least 2/3 days but now I am here, I bought it and so let’s handle it.

What makes me doubtfull is that last Friday, the S&P500 did a +1,29% while DE had a drop of -0,99% and this behaviour means weakness of the stock.
Other open positions that I have usually follow the market. It means that when the market grows up even the stock grows up.

Based on all these, there are many key points that have to be confirmed next week, hoping this correction (?) of the market doesn’t last much.

Beside this is still valid my main Rule of Just trade stocks with good ratios and DE follow this rule and it also have a good Dividend Yeld, So if I will finish to be stuck on it, at least I will have a good stock on my portfolio.

(anyway let’s hope on Monday the price will double)

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