CUB jumped and I sold it before

 I want to share now what happened with CUB and CTRP that is keeping my mind busy in this moment.

I sold it and after a week it started to raise….

The same thing (but on the opposite side) happened to CTRP (but I did not sell it)

So :

CTRP : I had to sell (check arrow) and did not do it, and stock tanked. Now I am having a loss of about 30%

CUB : I had to sell and I sold it (check arrow). Then Stock jumped… and I lost a gain of about 15%..

Where is the error ??

The error is on CTRP even if now I have regrets on CUB. Always follow rules guys, because someone wrote these rules :

1) Never loose money
2) Never forget rule number one

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