Best Ideas of December 04, 2020 -Paypal-JDCom-Amgen-Sonos-AdvancedMicroDevices


My Ideas for the coming days...


Released on December 04, 2020

Best performance of my Free Ideas

$MTLS +20%

$WKHS +16%

$TSLA, $DKNG +14%

Worst performance of my Free Ideas

$LAC -8%

New Ideas

1) Idea n.1 is Sonos Inc. (SONO). Chart with comments and trade info -- > Click here

2) Idea n.2 is Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD). Chart with comments and trade info -- > Click here

3) Idea n.3 is Amgen Inc. (AMGN). Chart with comments and trade info --> Click here

4) Idea n.4 is (JD). Chart with comments and trade info --> Click here


5) Idea n.5 is Paypal Holdings Inc. (PYPL). Chart with comments and trade info --> Click here

Still Watching

$ATVI-- Almost ready --> Old Chart here

$NGL-- Rejected from the resistance and tanked heavily to new levels --> Old Chart here

$TDOC--Pulled back so nicely to 0.618 and moving up--> Old Chart here

$UNP -- Consolidating on top of pattern --> Old Chart here

$DKNG -- Wave count, waiting for wave 2 --> Old Chart here

$REGN -- Wave V didn't start, still waiting wave 4 to be completed --> Old Chart here

$MA -- Trying to breakout --> NEW chart here

$PG -- New Triangle --> NEW Chart here

$WDAY -- Still testing the upside of the pattern. Not enough energy to break it so far --> Old Chart here

Past Ideas

$TSM joined, +6% and moving up 

$TWLO.  Didn't join, now at +11%


Summary of the week

I am closing the week with the following positions still open :

$JMIA | $PDD | $BABA | $CMG | $EXAS | $PTON | $APPS | $MTLS | $TSM | $EBAY | $GEOS






The following are my trading rules.

  1. Earnings news are unpredictable. Always stay out of any stock which is going to have earnings tomorrow.
  2. Don't average down. Close the position instead.
  3. Don't predict, don't hope, don't try. Just read the chart and follow your setup
  4. Don't follow a setup you can find online. Take it, study it, make it your, or you will be unable to handle it the price doesn't move the way you wanted.
  5. To catch the dip is extremely dangerous and very difficult. Always wait for a bullish sign.
  6. Don't put a stop higher than 3% or 4%. Find another setup instead.
To read updates, when and IF I will join a position, based on market trend, price action, Fibonacci Retracements, Elliott Waves and so on, please follow me on our social networks.

I am not giving financial advices, I just post the ideas I will follow on the coming weeks.

Check my webiste for other basic rules I follow at

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