Backtest and new rules

As I said, I spent part of this weekend doing backtests on trades I did so far and here is what i found out.

I was worry that results would disappoint me, showing I could do much better, but it didn’t happen.

Yes I could do some how better (about 20% of more gains) with better rules as exit strategy but I thought that more gain was 50%. So is good.

From now I will apply this exit-strategy as a strict rule, so I will not have to think much, but just to apply it. This will help me to have less stress and also to do good exits and avoid some big losses I closed so far cuz I was unable to sell the stocck when was time to sell and not to put hope that something good could happen in future.

I also may raise the amount of money invested on every trade. This will help to save some % of gain and drop commissions.

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