A stock is driving me crazy..

I wanted this.

I’ve been weak and unable to sell when was time to sell. When my first trading system failed I wanted to try to find another trading system… I found it…. and this is the result.

If you did not read, you can check the last chapter of this story here or you can read the whole story here . I was regretfull cuz I was unable to sell… day by day… and finally I got what I wanted..
Of course I DID NOT YET SELL because today CUB crushed against the support line, so maybe on Monday it will do an astonishing gap-up that will let me have an amazing gain… but I am almost sure this will not happen.
I still have some problems on selling when is time to sell. I have to resolve this probem.
Anyway, let’s have a look to other stocks. This is the market..
And these are other stocks
NTES had an amazing week, I still have to take a decision on how to exit (and if exit)
SOHU is at the same point of yesterday, there is a big downtrend that if confirmed will force me to sell.
TGT is raising slowly, but steadily.
ADSK and HSY are still waiting to take a decision if to go on with the break-out or not
DE after a good jump of few days, had a correction, let’s see if to close soon or not.
CTRP today may have broken the break-out and it may have an jump-up soon (if will confirm the BO)

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