24 August 2015, don’t lose money

Today I sold out my stakes in ATVI, PAAS, GILD, SHOO, EW, UA, SRCL, DV, NKE, FL.
I don’t want to be inside what looks like to be a very fast downward trend. I already been there on the last 2 because during days like these I wasn’t brave enough to sell everything. It couldn’t happen again.

Of course I am not 100% sure of what is happening, just the future will tell us. But someone said that the first rule of this game is “don’t lose money” and the second one is “never forget rule number one”.

And I don’t forget it.

I kept alive just my stakes with high-yield stocks, and cut others. Of course each one of the shares I sold out are about GREAT companies that FOR SURE will bring positive returns over the long term.

I am ready to enter again as soon as the market will show some kind of bullish power. I prefer to have some cash to be able to buy again later, then just be forced to see a big drop of the portfolio.

Of course I may be wrong, but I still have my money and I can play again my cards in the (near or far) future.

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