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How it works ?
For this service we have several Telegram Chat and Channels, so you need to install the app or you can join directly from Telegram’s website.

The channel about New Ideas, has a clone on Discord Servers as well.

Q: How many levels do you publish every week ?
A: Every week I try to publish at least 10 new Zones.

Q: What is The Zone ?
A: The Zone is a range between 2 levels. When the breakout/down of such levels happens, that's my entry signal. Inside The Zone the price may take both directions, but just when it breaks The Zone there is an entry signal.

Q: Are you profitable ?
A: Please read my blog at http://www.theextraincome.info/blog. Every week or two I publish a report of closed positions with the performance.

Q: Do you offer a free trial ?
A: No I don’t.

Q: Are you scalping, day trading or what ?
A: As of today, 18 August 2021, I day trade but just on my free channels. Where I  publish the tickers I am following and EOD I try to post the possible action there was on those tickers.

Q: Can I blindly follow your picks ?
A: ABSOLUTELY NO. Not just from me but from anybody on the net. You MUST have your own idea and your own strategy. You can use my setups to make your own idea.
You are going to use your money, so you must take your decisions by yourself and do your own study of the position you want to take. I just read the chart. In no way you must take a position based on what I do or what I say. I DON’T GIVE FINANCIAL ADVICES. I can just read what a chart is saying. Is up to you to take a decision on what to do. Mine are just MY ideas.

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About Me

I am not a full time trader yet, so I don't day trade.
I swing trade following the main trend, given by short term EMAs (21 and 50) and Elliott Wave setups.
I give financial advice just to myself, so on my free accounts or on my chats (Telegram + Discord) I just share what I do and any setup I may follow.
We can as well talk about trading, but any given opinion is my own and I strongly suggest everybody to take any decision just based on its own study.

When I start a position I always try to have a close stop and given targets.
When the trade starts, emotions join the position with money and things may become more difficult, so every future action is always decided before I join a position.
My trades can last as much as the trend holds. from 1 hour, to some weeks.