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Ctrip.com International Ltd. (CTRP)

TEI Overall Rank

Margins :

Returns :

Debts :

Long Term Growth

Short Term Growth

TEI Ratio 3.5
Last Update 31.08.2018

Stock Chart

Stock Price Details
Last Price: 33.3200
Percent Change:
Volume: 2421126
Last Trade Date: 2019-02-15
Change from 52-week high:
Change from 52-week low:
P/E ratio:

Trend Details
Current trend (AI) ......

Company Details
Yield & Dividend: ......
EPS: ......

TEI Updates
Almost null returns (ROA 0.51%, ROE 1.26%) downgraded to 2/5 as well as overall rating.
Ratings are changed as follow :
Returns from 2 to 3.
Rating of debts is not changed
Margins from 2 to 4.
Rating of short term growth is not changed
Rating of long term growth is not changed
Overall rating from 2 to 3.
** If not reported with different note, we are tracking this stock since July 2015

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