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Subscribing a Membership Plan, you will be able to read what we do in real-time, when the market is still open.

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  • Our Private Telegram Channel where you can read :
    • Our #BreakoutDetector signals that we use to trade.
    • Our 4% rule trades
    • Summary of past trades
  • Our online spreadsheets
    • Of our Real-Time BreakoutDetector at
    • Of our Real-Time highs and lows at

Never forget to check our Disclaimer while opening the Telegram Channel. It is always pinned on top of our chats.

For this service we have a Telegram Channel, so you need to install the app or you can join directly from the web-app.

Just to give you an example, the following are our last trades

and this is the performance of this month so far :

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We currently have one easy plan active that is as follow : For 2 months you will have access to all our services. Cost is $5.

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