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Latest updates of Stocks on our watchlist

27.09.2017OABEVThe previous rating is confirmed

27.09.2017XDECKReturns and margins are dropping : ROE of 2.39%, ROA of 1.66%, Operating Margin of 1.10% and Net Margin of 1.23%. We have to downgrade our rating to 3/5

27.09.2017BLULUWe started to track the ticker.

28.08.2017OTIFThe previous overall rating of 4/5 was upgraded to 5/5

28.08.2017OTJXThe previous rating is confirmed

28.08.2017OTNHShort-term and long-term growth was downgraded to 1/5 and 3/5. The overall view is still positive with high returns, margins and a great yield.

28.08.2017TFLOThe previous rating was confirmed.

28.08.2017OAAPLWe confirm the previous rating.

28.08.2017OACNWe confirm the previous rating.

20.08.2017XSYNTRatios dropped from 5/5 to 1/5. Current ROE is -75%, ROA -10%, Operating Margin 25%but net margin -10%. The company even got many debts.

27.07.2017XSRCLReturns downgraded to 3/5 because they are still positive (ROE 5.82%, ROA 2.66%). Short-term growth downgraded to 2/5 as well as Long-term growth to 4/5.

13.07.2017XSOHUEvery ratio went negative (OM -11%, NM -17%, ROE -25%, ROA -10%) as well as growth rates. We downgraded the overall rating to 1/5.

07.07.2017OSNXThe overall rating has been increased to 3/5. Regardless of the positive momentum of the price, the company is hitting its highest returns/margins of history.

27.06.2017TSLGNThe previous rating is confirmed

16.06.2017TSHOOThe previous rating is confirmed even so the most recent trend shows some weakness

16.06.2017XSLBFundamentals are negative, ROE -4.73%, ROA -2.48%, Net Margin -6.73%. Short Term and Long Term growth are negative, and the price dropped from $86 to $67.

06.06.2017XCALMReturns, Margins and Short Term Growth have been downgraded from 5/5 to 1/5, because the current situation is really troubled. Operating Margin is -8.54%, Net Margin -4.55%, ROE -5.65%, ROA -4.60%. The company doesn't pay anymore that high yield. The current situation must be monitored; even the price is getting cheaper and a turnaround may change the short term view.

26.05.2017OROPThe previous rating is confirmed. The stock is even going-on with its 10-year upward trend. Dividend Yield is stable.

15.05.2017TPNRAPrevious rating is confirmed

09.05.2017ONVOThe positive rating is confirmed

03.05.2017XJCSThe yield of 6% doesn't justify an investment in this moment. Returns are still negative as well as margins. Debts are great, but the company doesn't return any value.

27.04.2017TINFYThe previous rating is confirmed. The company pays even a high Dividend Yield of 2.58%. The doubtful side of this stock is the price, that over the last 10 years is all bouncing between $7 and $20. Growth rates are confirmed and the stock has potential to go higher. We must monitor this chart.

20.04.2017BAMATStarted to monitor the company

17.04.2017XIBMGrowth rates are getting worse month by month.

11.04.2017XHUMBoth, Returns (ROE 5.53% and ROA 2.22%) and Margins (OM 2.85% and NM 1.09%) downgraded to 2/5 because they are are the worst performance of the whole company's history. Short term growth is negative and Long Term is on the way... The overall view is negative.

17.03.2017TMINDPrevious rating is confirmed

17.03.2017THALThe negative rating is confirmed

17.03.2017OHASThe previous positive rating is confirmed

17.03.2017OHLFThe previous rating is confirmed even so the current ratios are not doing well compared to the company's recent history.

17.03.2017OHRLThe previous positive rating is confirmed

17.03.2017OHSYThe previous positive rating is confirmed

17.03.2017BAPOWe start to monitor the stock

03.03.2017TGNTXRating is confirmed

03.03.2017TGPSRating is confirmed

03.03.2017TJOBSRating is confirmed

03.03.2017XJOYThe stock will soon exit from our list

03.03.2017TKEXRating is confirmed

03.03.2017TKLICRating is confirmed. Returns and margins are growing.

03.03.2017TLNNRating is confirmed

02.03.2017XGNCThings are changed.. ROE -106.24%, ROA -11.57%, OM -6.81%, NM -11.27%.. Returns downgraded to 1/5 as well as margins and Short/Long term growth rate... Same for overall rating.

28.02.2017XFOSLReturns are still positive but the value is dropping (ROE 8.23%, ROA 3.50%) as well as margins that whose rating is confirmed to 3/5. The short term growth went negative, so we have to downgrade it as well as the overall rating, set now to 2/5

24.02.2017TEWRating is confirmed

24.02.2017TEBIXRating is confirmed

24.02.2017TFASTRating is confirmed

21.02.2017XYUMOverall rating downgraded to 3/5. Is still positive but the short and long term growth are deteriorating. Some numbers, 12 month Revenue -80%, 12-month EBITDA -58%

21.02.2017TWYRating is confirmed

15.02.2017TWMTThe overall view did not change. To double-check in the future, since all the ratios (even so are positive) have a negative trend that put all of them as the worst all-time performance.

15.02.2017TWRLDRating is confirmed

15.02.2017TWFCRating is confirmed

02.02.2017XWDCReturns (ROE -4.08%, ROA -1.74%) downgraded of 2 points to 2/5. Margins (OM 4.21%, NM -2.66%) downgraded to 2/5. Debts (cash to debt 0.39) downgraded to 2/5. Short-term growth downgraded of 3 points to 2/5. The overall rating can just be cut from 4/5 to 2/5 even so the price is still rising.

18.01.2017OWABThe previous rating is confirmed. Strong and steady returns (ROA 10.97%, ROE 20.89%), margins (OM 18.20%, NM 12.28%). It pays its yield.

10.01.2017OVZReturns are doing well (ROE 79%, ROA 6%) even compared to the company's sector. We upgrade our rating to 3/5

10.01.2017BOTEXThe company is now into our watchlist

02.01.2017XVMIThe overall view must be downgraded. Short-term growth is becoming unstable, with EPS that shows some weakness. Returns are still positive (ROE 7.58%, ROA 3.01%) but are near the worst performance of the whole company's history, as well as operating and net margin (6.87% and 2.93%). Even yield of 1.06% (from 1.44%) doesn't give good news to value investors.

29.12.2016XUVVThe overall rating has been downgraded. Short-term growth is now negative, ROE of 7.03% and ROA of 5.03% (worst performer of the industry) as well as Operating Margin (8.64%) and Net-Margin of 5.24%. Even so yield is still very high and growing as well as the stock price that is near its all-time high. This negative view can be temporary, next months will tell us more.

29.12.2016TUSNARating is confirmed

29.12.2016TURBNRating is confirmed

29.12.2016TUNPRating is confirmed

14.12.2016OULUpgraded the overall rating to 4/5. ROE 33.37%, ROA 9.42% and margins above 10%. Short and long-term growth is still weak

13.12.2016XUFPTReturns are dropping to all-time lows (ROE 7.70%, ROA 6.66%) and Operating margin (8.76%), Net-Margin (5.68%) are on the way. 5-year growth (EBITDA -3.10%, OIG -6.40%, EPS -6.50%) shows some weakness.

29.11.2016XUADowngraded the overall ranking to 3/5. Returns and margins are still positive and performing better than the industry but are below the average performance of the company.

20.10.2016XRDS.AReturns downgraded to 2/5 (ROE -2.71%, ROA -1.29%)

20.10.2016XSNYReturns downgraded to 3/5 (ROE 7.47%, ROA 4.22%)

03.10.2016XMSFTDebts (cash to debt 2.11) downgraded to 4/5

28.09.2016OLAZMargins (Operating 41.9%, Net 31.98%) upgraded to 5/5, Debts, upgraded to 3/5

23.09.2016OGESDebts situation upgraded to 5/5

16.09.2016XCTRPAlmost null returns (ROA 0.51%, ROE 1.26%) downgraded to 2/5 as well as overall rating.

11.09.2016XCPSIMargins (Operating at 6.57%, Net at 3.20%) and returns (ROA 3.64% and ROE 6.77%) downgraded to 2/5

07.09.2016OCOHDebts upgrated to 4/5 since the situation looks more stable

05.09.2016XBPOverall downgrade, since the company reports negative returns, margins and an unstable financial situation.

05.09.2016XCEOReturns downgraded to 2/5 since they are slightly negative

27.08.2016OBCRReturns' rating upgraded to 4/5 from 2/5. ROE of 21% and ROA of 6% are good enough for me.

27.08.2016OBCRMargins' rating upgraded to 4/5 from 3/5. They are both at about 10%

18.08.2016OBCDebts upgraded to 4 from 3. They have enough cash to pay back their debts

18.08.2016OBCOverall ratio upgraded to 4/5

16.08.2016XABTLMargins downgraded from 3/5 to 2/5

16.08.2016XABTLReturns downgraded from 3/5 to 2/5

15.08.2016XEMCDebts downgraded from 4/5 to 3/5

13.08.2016ORTNDebts position is becoming less heavy, upgraded to 3 (from 2)

13.08.2016ORTNOverall rating upgraded from 4 to 5, due to the great stock momentum and the high-paying dividend yield

07.08.2016BPYPLStarted to monitor the company

07.08.2016BCALMStarted to monitor the company

06.08.2016XCUBMargins are at the worst level of the company's history so I downgraded from 3 to 2.

06.08.2016OCTSHOverall debts have been upgraded from 4 to 5

06.08.2016XCUBReturns are at the worst level of the company's history and they are just slightly positive, so I downgraded from 4 to 3.

On July 2015 we started tracking about 100 stocks